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Below are links to various anarchist sites around the web. This is not the anarchism of the media, this is the anarchism of the real world: a political movement outside of the left or the right, a movement of concern rather than coercion.

@net the anarchist computer network.

A-Info the alternative news service.

Anarchism Around the World - has links and real world addresses for various syndicates, unions and action groups throughout the world.

Anarchy Archives has a number of historical documents and sections on many influential anarchists.

Anarcho-Syndicalism 101 is "an introduction to the aims and principles of anarchist unionism."

Anarchy for Anybody has a variety of articles and links of interest to all anarchists.

Art for @ Change presents works dealing with anarchist issues.

Freedom Now examines reflections and links to reality.

Mid-Atlantic Infoshop is your guide to online anarchy.

The Noam Chomsky Archive has a wealth of articles and fragments by or about Noam Chomsky. Impress the trendoids you know with information from this site.

COMM-ORG provides information on the craft of community organinzing.

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace is John Perry Barlow's statement regarding the creation of a civilization of Mind in Cyberspace.

Defining Anarchism provides a definition and suggests means for understanding the term.

Electronic Civil Disobedience is an artwork by the Critical Art Ensemble.

Encyclopedia of Direct Action from EnviroLink provides information on planning covert as well as overt operations.

How to Organize excerpted from a the War Resistor's League Organizer's Manual.

The Manual at Demonstrator's Site has basic information for planning and executing a demonstration.

Ozymandias' Sabotage & Direct Action Handbook from Cafe Underground.

Red Flag/Black Flag provides information and links for labour, social justice and anarchism.

Spunk Press Home is an independent electronic publisher of articles of interest to anarchists.

tao provides a wide variety of resources with a taoist slant.

What is Anarcho-Syndicalism? is an answer to the question.



The Cyber Rights And Digital Liberties Encyclopedia at Peacefire

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