emerging artisans and artists

Here is a list of links to sites by students of the NB College of Craft and Design. Two days a week I teach photography and web design.
You Suck by Arsnic has photos and cybergrafitti. This site sucks.

Charlotte A. Bartlett - not a photography student, Charlotte is a graphic artist. In the photography studio we offer a basic web design and development course for photography students. Charlotte took the course to put this site together.

Anthony Bourque's Main Page holds poetry and a portfolio.

Gallery of Fat Whales by Todd Hawkes has a girl with a gun and secret spaces.

Life on the Farm is karen Ruet's testament to agrarian living.

Photographico Pageo by Sachiko Kazashi presents a dark fasion style.

Mr. Cool's Monday Morning Mishap by Kelly LeBlanc is a comic photo story in neo-mod style.

Timothy Pointer's on-line Portfolio includes a variety of styles, both photographic and digital.

Fire Corp is Troy Staneley's welcome to the 21st century.

the natural nude by Sheila Weeks is a portfolio of figure and lanscape works.

Yolande Whalen Photography presents some photoillustrations and digital manipulation of photographs.


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