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Below are links to various advocacy sites for consumers of mental health care. You may note that many popular organizations are not represented here, this is the design of the author. Organizations supporting forced treatment are absent.

Mental patients are routinely incarcerated and drugged against their wills. Many "care-giving" institutions routinely provide punishment as part of emergency treatment. Mental patients were one of the first groups victim of the Nazi holocaust. These sites advocate basic human rights for the mentally ill.

CHEMICAL HANDCUFFS is Daisy Benson's example of the use of forced drugging in remand facilities. This page is a public service for Women Prisoners Convicted by Forced Drugging.

Diseases of Consciousness is an artwork of the Critical Art Ensemble.

help! is a consumer's guide to mental health information.

Home of Graeme Bacque has a page of alternative mental health links.

The Journal of Mind and Behavior is one of the few professional journals that recognizes the complexities of what the medical industry categorizes as mental illness. Here you will find articles on a broad range of interpretative observations of human mental behaviour.

The Lunatic's Liberation Front is an information network for alternatives to psychiatry.

MadNation has grown out of the Madness family of discussion lists. This will likely become the clearing house for human rights information for the mentally ill.

PSALMS is the Psychiatric Survivors Advocacy/Liberation Movement.

The Seduction of Madness from the Windhorse Team.

Shoshanna's Psychiatric Survivors' Guide is a page of empowerment for survivors of modern psychiatry.

Support Coalition breaks the silence of human rights abuses in psychiatry and organizes through 45 grassroots groups in six countries.

The Value of Psychotic Experience by Alan Watts.

ZANGMO BLUE THUNDERCLOUD is Sally Clay and here she presents alternatives for empowerment and recovery.

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