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Alternativ Psychology presents self-help biofeedback for emotions through a general sensate focusing technique, a sort of neurofeedback without instruments. Dr. Ilan Shalif offers a program of mental activity for making emotions richer and more bearable. You can browse at this site or download text or zip files of the complete program and a dissertation on the process.

Aesclepian Chronicles is a synergystic health care facility.

EEG Spectrum provides neurofeedback research and clinical services.

The Journal of Mind and Behavior is one of the few professional journals that recognizes the complexities of what the medical industry categorizes as mental illness. Here you will find articles on a broad range of interpretative observations of human mental behaviour.

PharmWeb provides pharmacy information on the internet.

PORE, the Public Orgonomic Research Exchange continues the work of Wilhelm Reich.

The Seduction of Madness from the Windhorse Team.

The Value of Psychotic Experience by Alan Watts.


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