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White Light New Player Commands

To get help on a specific command, while connected to the White Light game server, type: help 'command' (without the quotes).

'          :          afk        alias      apply      ask        assist     
auction    autoassist autoexit   autoloot   autosplit  backstab   balance    
bang       bash       beep       brief      bug        buy        cash       
check      clear      close      cls        color      colour     commands   
compact    consider   cred       credits    creds      decloak    deposit    
diagnose   direct     display    donate     down       drink      drop       
east       eat        eavesdrop  emote      enter      equipment  examine    
exits      fill       flee       follow     forage     gemote     get        
give       gossip     grab       grats      gratz      group      gsay       
gtell      help       hide       hit        hold       holler     house      
idea       immlist    info       inject     inventory  junk       kick       
kill       leave      levels     list       listen     lock       look       
mail       motd       murder     newbie     news       noauction  nogossip   
nograts    nogratz    nonewbie   norepeat   north      noshout    nosing     
notele     notell     noxgoss    offer      open       order      peace      
pick       policy     pour       practice   prompt     put        qsay       
quest      qui        quit       read       receive    remove     rent       
reply      report     rescue     rest       retreat    runners    save       
say        scan       score      sell       shout      sing       sip        
sit        sleep      sneak      socials    south      split      stand      
steal      take       taste      tell       time       title      toggle     
track      typo       ungroup    unlock     up         use        value      
visible    wake       wear       weather    west       where      whisper    
who        whoami     wield      wimpy      withdraw   write      xgossip

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