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White Light Info Screen

       White Light General Information File for New Users

 Instructions for typing in commands include words in brackets as
 substitutes for command variables. When typing in your commands,
 do not include the brackets.

 To get an overview screen of commands, type: help
      For a list of available commands, type: commands
     To get help on a specific command, type: help 
          For a list of social aliases, type: socials
   See where you are in cyberspace by typing: look
     Look at everything around you by typing: look 

 Living and dying as a player character is the play of the game, 
 expect your character to die and to sometimes lose all of its 
 collected equipment. Note that traps are forgiving, your 
 equipment is with you in the Hospital upon recovery. Combat death
 requires you to recover your corpse to retain your belongings.
 You will have to hurry to your corpse, your goods can be stolen.

White Light Player Information Screens
Information screens available during logon: background, classes, phenotypes.
Information screens available by keyword: credits, help, info, news, policies.
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