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White Light News Screen

->  Push skill for athletes allows pushing into deathtraps.
->  Stun skill for athletes allows advantage in some combat.
->  AFK command for being 'away from the keyboard.'
->  Auto features for looting, assisting and spliting.
->  Scan is a new command available for Deviants and Athletes.
->  Eavesdrop is a new skill for Deviants and Socialites.
->  Gemote allows you to use social commands on the gossip channel.
->  Listen is a command allowing skilled players to carefully listen
    for hidden or cloaked mobs. Listen must be learned and trained.
->  Peace is a command available to Socialites and Athletes. The Peace
    command allows the user to attempt to stop a fight.
->  Forage is a skill for Socialites, it can be used to forage for food
    and water on suitable terrain.
->  Retreat is a skill available for Athletes and Socialites. It allows
    retreat from combat in a specified direction and without experience
    point loss.

White Light Player Information Screens
Information screens available during logon: background, classes, phenotypes.
Information screens available by keyword: credits, help, info, news, policies.
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