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White Light Policies Screen

                         White Light Policies

  White Light is currently only in testing. Any characters created 
  during this time may not always be saved. Please bear with us 
  while White Light is in development.


  Player bots will be kicked and banned. Persistent use of a player
  bot may result in a user or site ban. Runner bots may be used 
  following submission of a full description of the bot actions and 
  Implementor approval. Submission of code may be required.


  Players who harass other players through the White Light server 
  will be frozen. Note that player characters harassing other 
  player characters is allowed - only player-to-player activity is
  prohibited. No harrassment outside of gameplay will be tolerated.
  Continuing harrassing behaviour will result in a user or site ban.


  Players who abuse the game server or related network systems will
  be locked out. Flooding of the network or manipulation of the game
  server will result in banning by user and by site if necessary.

Offensive Language

  Offensive language is tolerated on White Light but must be kept to
  the XGOSSIP channel. Users not respecting this arrangement will be
  frozen and possibly kicked and banned.

Scripts and Triggers

  Players may use triggers for automatic character maintenance
  routines such as eating, drinking, healing and psychic powers.
  Complex, interactive triggers, triggers where the player 
  character runs unattended, are considered bots and will result 
  in kick and ban.

White Light Player Information Screens
Information screens available during logon: background, classes, phenotypes.
Information screens available by keyword: credits, help, info, news, policies.
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