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White Light


Socials allow you to quickly role-play behaviours by typing a word or two. To use a social, either type the social by itself or with a target.

accuse     applaud    beg        bleed      blush      bounce     bow        
brb        burp       cackle     chuckle    clap       comb       comfort    
cough      cringe     cry        cuddle     curse      curtsey    dance      
daydream   drool      embrace    fart       flip       flirt      fondle     
french     frown      fume       gasp       giggle     glare      greet      
grin       groan      grope      grovel     growl      hiccup     hop        
hug        insult     kiss       laugh      lick       love       massage    
moan       nibble     nod        nudge      nuzzle     pat        peer       
point      poke       ponder     pout       pray       puke       punch      
purr       roll       ruffle     scream     shake      shiver     shrug      
sigh       slap       smile      smirk      snap       snarl      sneeze     
snicker    sniff      snore      snuggle    spank      spit       squeeze    
stare      steam      stroke     strut      sulk       tackle     tango      
taunt      thank      think      tickle     twiddle    wave       whine      
whistle    wiggle     wink       worship    yawn       yodel

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