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Survival on White Light

On White Light, dying is a way of life. Since the Apocalypse, death is not such a permanent event. The cherubim who guarded the Tree of the Knowledge of Life and Death in the Garden of Eden since time began left along with whatever god it was who put it there. Humans now know how to regenerate upon death. On White Light, player lives are unlimited. You can dance the apocalypso.

There are several ways to die. What happens when you die depends on what kind of death you meet. The two most frequent deaths are by combat and by trap. When you die by combat, all of your possessions are left on your corpse while your new body is regenerated in the hospital. You must hurry back to your corpse to retrieve your possessions, they can be stolen or vanished by alien forces, you can lose everything. When you die by trap you lose nothing, all of your possessions will be with you when you awaken in the hospital. Or, that is, at least, how it is supposed to work. There are many ways to die.

You will need food and drink for your player character will hunger and thirst. Don't let yourself starve. There is a public fountain and a soup kitchen for players unable to attend to their own needs. The Corporation Cares.

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