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The terrorists of the internet are the trolls and cyberstalkers. Here are some links to useful resources for avoiding or dealing with them.

Abuse of Usenet is the story of the Woodside Literary Agency and how they exploit aspiring writers through internet solicitations.

Cyberstalking is an information file provided by

Cyberstalking: Crime, Enforcement and Personal Responsibility in the On-line World by Barbara Jenson examines the current state of law and its application to the internet.

Dark Side of the Web is a CNet article on the subject.

Identity and Deception in the Virtual Community, by Judith Donath, examines identity deception in the Usenet community.

Internet Cyberstalking & Online Harassment is the Cyber Angels page for information highway street smarts.

Online Harassment Resources provides tips for wired women by Webgrrls.

Privacy in Cyberspace is the "rules of the road for the information superhighway."

Social and Technical Means for Fighting On-Line Harassment by Ellen Spertus provides useful means of countering threat.

Women, Take Back the Net! is an online guide to reporting e-harassment.

WHOA! is Women Halting Online Abuse. This site provides news, safe and unsafe site lists and a wealth of resources for online action.

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