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On the newsgroup, you'll find the trail of a resident troll ever ready with anarchist rants, lunatic ravings and terrorist taunts for any and all who dare cross the bridge to the far frontier of online public discussion. That's me. Since people often come to this webpage through activity on or related newsgroups, here are some short pages of possible use in time of crisis or distress, the resource link lists that were the original three legs of this 'three-legged' website.

asd links list - information for newsgroup users,
dep rez - links to resources for dealing with depression,
suicide bars - links to crisis resources for times of suicidal distress.



With the idea of a home-page as metaphor for a residence in cyberspace, here are my internet interests related as descriptions of a virtual home, surrounding community and frontier countryside.


At the nearest exit off the infobahn, the Chenrezig Devotional Site provides web walkers with a virtual tour on Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Buddhist deity of emptiness and compassion. Just past the cyber-chapel a secluded driveway leads to a humble, cliff-side cottage.


Motorcycles fill the tiny driveway. There are representatives of the usual makes, a few choppers and even a rat-bike or two. Between the bikes, there is just enough room to walk to the door of a small garage. Through some bushes a path leads to a wide lawn.


Maps of the world line the walls of a garage too tiny for any car. With a workbench on one side and a few old chairs on the other, this grotty hole is ready for romantic reminiscing of the road or planning and preparing for adventure yet to come. An open door leads to the lawn and cottage.


On the lawn, virtual tents of art and artifice billow open with the breeze, inviting one and all to enter and view fine works. The central and largest tent, brilliant and most colourful of all, presents an eclectic show of emerging artists and artisans. A few of my own conceits appear in displays titled in Woodland's Grove and modern nightmares. Standing on a small rock, a prancing jester recites short verse as a further vanity. On tables and carpets between the exhibits await a wide and wild array of web wonders - links to body, photographic, and digital art.

magic square

In the tiny front room, a bookshelf and ezine rack hold a small selection of reading material. Another shelf has links to online, multi-player role-playing games while a third has odd curios of interactivity. This is the place for discursive distraction during long, sleepless nights and a fold-out couch means there's always room for one more player.


Aroma of things cooking drifts in from the kitchen.


A small sign reads, "there's no place like home."


An open medicine bag holds helpful home-pages.


An old pc hums in the corner, software loaded and ready for use.


A dark and dingy back room of smoke & mirrors provides links to anonymity, trust and privacy resources. This tiny, windowless room provides links to all the resources one would need. On a table is a pack of tarot cards.


A spiral staircase leads up to a bedroom loft. What more could you want in a home-page than sex, religion and politics?

Out the back door you can play with the cat in the backyard, wander off-site to the ocean, maybe watch some whales or take a mountain trail to the forest and the sky. I've heard there is an abandoned missile silo just across the ridge; maybe you can hitch a ride from there to other planets, even see the galaxy. If none of that catches your fancy, surf the net from my search engine forms pages.



Day of the Dead Observance

Shrine for Timothy Leary


the ring
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